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Multi-coloured Bay

Multicolored Bay is located in Buerqin county of Altay. Multicolored Bay belongs to Yadan landform, which looks great with multicolor. The scenery on two sides of Irtysh River differs a lot. The beach on the south bank reflects oasis, desert with blue sky. The beach on the north side under the influence of river and wind. The color is vary when the sun is setting. Read more »

Hemu Village

Hemu Village is the one of the three villages of Tuwa Mongol’s in China. They are considered the offspring’s of Genghis Khan Troops. They are living on the south bank of the kanas Lake. They believe in Lamaism. Read more »

Kanas Lake

Kanas Lake

Kanas means “beautiful, abundant and mysterious” in Mongolian language. It is located 150 km north of Burqin county of Altay in northern Xinjiang. It is considered as one of the 5 most beautiful lakes in China. Read more »