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Rawak Temple

It is located inside the desert northwest of Jiya township of Lop county .Rawak temple is about 70kms far from Hotan city. The Rawak temple is the only the temple in Hotan which has a Gadara style, condition of the ruins is good preserved. Rawak Temple is belong to 2th century to 10th century. Read more »

Yotkan Ancient City

It is located in Alnama village of Baghqi township of Hotan county. It is about 13km far from Hotan city. Yotkan ancient city belongs to Han and Song Dynasties. Yotkan ancient cities covered and area is about 10squarekm. Read more »

Kokmarim Cave

Kokmarim Cave

Kokmarim Cave is located near the Layka Township of Hotan County. Kokmarim cave is about 34 kms southwest of Hotan city at the east bank of the Karakash River. The Kokmarim cave is located half way up the mountain, about 80 ms above the river bank. Read more »

Halalbagh Buddhist Temple

Halalbagh Buddhist temple is located in Halalbagh village of Tosalla township of Hotan county. It is about 11kms south of Hotan city. It covers an area of 1 squarekm. The temple was built more than 20ms high on clay earth. Read more »

Imam Asim Tomb

Imam Asim Ancient Tomb is located in Jiya township of Lop County. The Imam Asim ancient tomb is about 23km far from Hotan. The tomb is just 1km inside of the desert which the farmland and desert merged. Read more »

Aksepil Ancient City

AKsepil Ancient city is located at the northern part of the desert outside of Lop county. It is about 55km far from Hotan city. The Aksepil ancient city was built about 2nd century B. C, the meaning of Aksepil in Uyghur language is white city wall. Read more »


Dandan Oylik ancient city is located at the merged part of Yurongkash and Keriye River. It is about 360kms far from Hotan city. This ancient city belongs to the Han and Tang Dynasties. This ancient city’s area from north to south is 2kms long and width is lkm. Read more »

Andir Ancient City

Andir Ancient city is located in Andir village of Niya county of Hotan prefecture. It is in side the dessert about 20kms far from Andir village. Andir Ancient city is belonging to the Hah and Jin dynasties. Read more »

MalikeAwat Ancient City

Meaning of Melike is a name of one Uyghur man. Awat means prosperous. MalikeAwat Ancient City is located at the west bank of Yurongkash river, southeast ofHotan city. It is about 27km far from Hotan. Read more »

Hotan Mulberry Paper

Mulberry Paper Making

Mulberry paper is a traditional handicraft of the Uyghur people. This kind of work all is done by hand. Nowadays, only few families in Hotan produces mulberry paper. Among them, one family lives in Hotan city. Read more »

Yengi Erik Reservoir

It is located 22 kms in the northwest of Hotan city. Meaning of this word in Uyghur is “new water channel”, This place is located in the very far southern corner of the Taklimakan desert (which is the second largest shifting desert in the world). The sand dunes are very majestic and they go as far as the eye reaches. Read more »

Ulug Ata Key Water Con

UlugAta Reservoir

Ulug Ata area located south of the Kunlun Mountains mountain, Karakash River,Hotan County, Long as rural territory. 71 km away from Hotan city. December 2007was named the national AAA-level scenic spots. Read more »

King of Fig Tree

King of Fig Tree

King of Fig tree is located in the Orchard of Layka Township of Hotan County. It is about 22Kms south of Hotan city. The fig tree has a history of more then 400 years old. The age of fig tree can’ t obviously be seen, but It still has large branches, many leaves, as rich on fruits as ever. Every year new branches for the tree keep coming to bear fresh fruits. Read more »

Hotan Sunday Market

Hotan Sunday Market

Hotan’ s bazaar is also called Sunday market. Local people call it Chukubaza(meaning is low location market) located in the northeastern corner of Hotan city. It is one of the biggest markets in southern Xinjiang. Read more »

Yorungqash River

Yorungkash River(White Jade River)

There are two kind of rivers in Hotan ,one is Yorunkash and other is karakash river. The meaning of Yorungkash river is white jade river. The meaning of Karakash river is black jade river. Compare this two rivers, the Yorungkash river is much more popular then the Karakash river, the reason is that, the famous white sheep fat jade or Yangzhiyu in China is found from this river. Read more »