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Sayram Lake

Sayram means “a lake on the ridge” in Mongolian language and “blessing” in Kazak language. It is one of the largest alpine lakes in Xinjiang. It is 20 km long from east to west and 30 km wide north to south with covered an area of 454 square km. Read more »

Fruit Valley

Fruit Valley also known as Talqi Gully, 28 km long which is located 40 km northeast of Huocheng county. It is a natural resort where you can enjoy different sceneries of four seasons where the water falling down from the waterfall, pine forest,green grass shore. Read more »

Ili River

Ili River is one of the longest mountain river in Xinjiang. The Kashi, Kongnaiz, and Tekes Rivers are three branches of Ili river. TEKES is the main source of the River, originated Khan Teng in the north side of the peak. Read more »


The “Ili first King,” said Huocheng located 40 kilometers northeast of the city, Guozigou location is 312 State Road, Urumqi – a necessary channel Ili road, it is the northern end of the famous Mizoguchi Sailimuhu.  Read more »

Nalati Grassland

Narat Grassland

Narat Grassland is located in Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture on the western edge of Tianshan Mountain. It is a river bed grassland and one of the four in the world. It is 180 km long from east to west. Read more »