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Bayanbulak Grassland

Bayanbulak Grassland is located 270 km northwest of Korla. It covers an area of 23,000 square km and considered as a second largest grassland in whole country. Read more »

Tiemen Pass

Tiemen Pass (Iron Pass in English) is the important pass which Ancient Caravan’s crossed on ancient Silk Road in order to enter to Tarim Basin. It is located deep and steep part of Tianshan Mountain. It is located 8 km north of Korla city. Read more »

Bosten Lake

Bosten Lake is located 57 km northeast of Korla city. Bosten Lake also known as Baghrash Kol in Uyghur langue. It is covered an area of 1,000 square km and considered largest inland fresh water lake in the country. Read more »

Loulan Ancient City

Loulan ancient city is found on the west bank of Lop Nur in 2nd century BC. Loulan Ancient city was the capital city of Loulan kingdom and served as the economic, political and cultural center for Loulan Kingdom. It also used to be the important trading stop for caravans on Ancient Silk Road. Read more »

Yadan Spectacle

Yadan Spectacle is located in the north of Ruoqiang County. Yadan means in Uyghur language is the “steep mound” which is formed by loose earth with strong wind. The word Yadan indicates the special topography in dry areas. In Lop Nur, it has Yadan topography on its east, west and north. Read more »