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Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon

It is 70 km to Kuqa, located on left side of No. 217 National Highway from Dushanzi to Kuqa.  The canyon is 5 km long from beginning to the end and the grotto located at 1.8 km’s.     The Canyon is natural wonder shaping like a surging-forward dragon as the result of territorial water wash. Inside the canyon: ‘Skyworth Valley, Sacred Snake Valley, Skyscraper Cave Valley, Rock of tenterhook, Swan Peak and Lover’s Peak’ etc. Read more »

Subash Ancient City

It is located on the southern slope of the Queletagh Mountain, 20 kilometers northeast of Kuqa County. The Subash Ancient city is divided in to two sections which are to the east and to the  west of  Kuqa River. It is the site of a Buddhist temple built during the Wei and Jin Dynasties. Read more »

Kucha Museum

Kucha Museum is located in old part of Kuqa. In this museum, items exhibited in the exhibition hall is classified by time and cultural relics. Items are; unearthed cultural relics, old carpet pieces, old clothes, old coins, there are total  12,000 pieces are in display. Read more »

Kucha Mosque

Kucha Mosque is situated to the north of the old city of Kuqa county downtown. It is the second largest mosque in Xinjiang (In terms of size) after the Eid Kah Mosque in Kashgar. It was built for the first time in 16 century. Current mosque was rebuilt in 1931 after it was burnt down by fire. Read more »

KizilKagha Beacon Tower

KizilKagha Beacon Tower is also known as Kizilgaha Alarm Tower located 12 kilometers Northwest of Kuqa county seat. It was built during the Han Dynasty as the alarm tower for the frontier guards. Fire was lighted at night while smoke was set off in daytime. Read more »

Kizil Buddha Caves

Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves

Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves is located east of Kuqa, 70Km away from Kuqa downtown. It is protected by national cultural unites. The Caves located on the cliff of mountain in the north bank of Muzat River. Read more »