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Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves

The Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves located 35 km southwest of Yongjing County in Gansu Provinice. It lies north of Yellow River flows into Liujiaxia Reservior at Yongjing which is about 80 km to Lanzhou. Read more »

Gansu Provincial Museum

The Gansu Provincial Museum is the largest and comprehensive museum in the region and the home of the renown Galloping Horse of Wuwei (Han dynasty 206 BC – 22 AD). The museum covers an area of  18,000 square meters. Read more »

White Pagoda Mountain

White Pagoda Mountain Park is located north of Lanzhou City, because there is a hill named after the White Pagoda Temple. Monastery was built in the Yuan Dynasty, was rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty, the Temple flat rectangular white tower center, the tower for the seven directions, about seventeen meters high, on the green roof, under the round base, whole body white, straight beautiful . Read more »