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Day Tour to Davakul Lake Taklimakan Desert

Our Day Tour to Davakul Lake Taklamakan Desert allows you to experience what it is like to travel in the desert on camelback. The tour can be extended to as many days as you want since the Taklamakan Desert is the second largest shifting desert in the world.

Activities of the day include: Davakul lake,Taklimakan Desert,Camel Riding,Trekking in to the Taklimakan desert.

Transport: Kashgar to Dawakul lake to Kashgar (260km Round Trp)

Meals included: Lunch

Dawakul lakeis located 130km from kashgar, on the southeastern tip of the Taklimakan desert.Dawakul in Uyghur means “curing lake” and for many centuries people have visited the lake to swim in its waters seeking cures for their ailments.

Kashgar Dawakul Lake Desert

Kashgar Dawakul Lake Desert

From the lake you can look out to the vast Taklimakan desert and the sand dunes stretching away before you. At the lake shore locals oven bake delicious freshly caught fish, lamb and chicken which you can enjoy for your lunch. We will take a walk around the lake and enter into the desert.

There is the option to experience ancient desert transportation by riding a camel or alternatively for a more modern exhilarating ride you have the opportunity to drive one of our dune buggies over the dunes.

We can also trek through the desert for a couple of hours.

Taklimakan desert is the second largest shifting sands desert in the World, covering an area of 337,600 square km.Taklimakan Desert is known as the “sea of death” by the silk road traders that used to have to cross it in their caravans in times gone by, many traders entered the desert lost their way and were never to be seen again.

We will arrive back to kashgar in the late afternoon.

On request we can also arrange several day desert camping and desert trekking tours.