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Jiayuguan Travel Guide

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Jiayuguan city is an important hub on the Ancient Silk Road which lies in the middle section of the Hexi Corridor. Jiayuguan city is situated on south side of Qilian Mountain, north side of Maznong Mountain, east side of Jiuquan Basin and north side of Gobi Desert.  It covered an area of 2935 square kilometres, of which 60 kilometers is urban area.  Jiayuguan took its name from the Jiayuguan Pass which is the western end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall.  It is the one end of the Worlds well known Great Wall which starts in Shanghaiguan Pass and finally stops at Jiayuguan Pass after thousands of Kilometers of winding journey. Jiayuguan City also referred as steel city in Northwest of China.

Population: Jiayuguan has a population of 140.000 people which consist of Han, Hui, Mongol, Tibetan,  Manchu, Dongxiang, Yugu, Korean, Uyghur, Baoan, Tu, Zhuang, Korean, and Yugu; total 12 nationalities.

History: Jiayuguan City has over 600 years of history.  In Ming Dynasty, Jiayuguan Pass was built and the pass composed of defensive walls, gates and army camps. Many workers involved the construction work due to the construction facilities were simple.

Scenic Spots: Jiayuguan Pass, Weijing Art Gallery, Overhanging Great Wall, Great Wall Museum