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Marjan Gabriel

October 10, 2017

I booked a 10 day Xinjiang Tour and can only recommend It. Perfect organisation, knowledgable and helpfull guides who’s English is very good. The only hickup is the speeds limit regulations of 40 km/h in the region for which the company cannot be blamed.i would book with them again!

Marjan Gabriel from Austria!

Shirley B

October 7, 2017

I decided to go North instead of the other more popular routes and I sure got a taste of the North! the weather turned cold early and by the time I got to Kanas it had snowed! There were many events that were out of our hands (such as snow) and made for long days of travel but the guide Ali and the driver Cheng Liang (thanks for getting us safe off the mountain!) always got me to where I was supposed to be. I saw a lot of very beautiful scenery.
The government stopped letting tourists stay in the yurts the day I was supposed to do so but we ended up at a lovely hot spring instead. I could see the full moon and there was a bonfire outside. I think it was a warmer choice than staying in the yurt where I was able to go and have lunch.
I really enjoyed Multi-coloured Bay and The Ghost Town . The Yardang formations are amazing!
As a woman traveling alone I felt safe with both the the guide and the driver and would highly recommend them. Thanks Ali for leaving the office to guide me. I plan to go to Gansu and then come back up this way next year. I would like to ride camels and camp.

Shirley B from Canada ( Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Briggitte P

We are a german couple living in Shanghai and managed to go to Xinjiang during Golden Week. One of the Highlights may be t h e Highlight is the tour on the Karakorum Highway which we booked through Kashgar Guide or Xinjiang Travel. From the first contact Abdul was responding at once. If you live in China it is easy with WeChat or SMS to communicate. We had a 2-day-tour from Kashgar staying over night in the Crown Inn in Tashkurgan. It takes whole day driving although Highway is new but with all the controls. Tudajim was a very good guide, always friendly and telling a lot of interesting things about life of the nomads, locals and sights we saw on our way. We went to nice local restaurants and had good food. The landscape is breathtaking and never boring. You can see camels, yaks and of course these incredible mountains. The whole tour was organized very well. Abdul always informed us at once about anything and put a lot of efforts to ensure that we are completely pleased and we are and will highly recommend the Xinjiang Travel or Kashgar guide.

Briggitte P from Germany (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Michael T

October 4, 2017

Our family with 3 young children visited Kashgar and went with Kashgar Guide. Abdul, Imam, and the rest of their team were very professional, courteous, and accommodating to our young children. The hotel they recommended was excellent, above our expectations in comfort and cleanliness.

Michael T from US (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

Mary Beth H

October 1, 2017

We had two tour guides who have lots of culture, historical and geographical knowledge on both Xinjiang & the Silk Road. Along the way to each destination, they introduced the local customs, plants, fruits, land formation and historical background before we got there to enable us grasped the beauty of each place.

Mary Beth H from US (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

NG Shian

September 30, 2017

Had a great trip in xinjiang. Abdul and his team had been very responsive to our request. The guides along the way are very experience and helpful, especially in Turpan. We were were invite to join into the guide friends house to have some fruits and refreshment during our visit to the Tuyuk Village.

NG Shian from Singapore (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Lim Liew Chuan

September 29, 2017

Eight of us went for the 10 days Memories of Silk Road Tour.We like the itinerary as it provides us the opportunity to have an insight of the history of the Silk Road ,a visit to the towns along the Silk Road and discover the culture and life of the various ethnic groups in Xinjiang.We chose Xinjiang Travel after enquiring about the Silk Road Tour from the various tour companies.Abdul was very efficient and responded promptly with our queries..We had the opportunity to take a camel ride in the sand dunes of Dunhuang.We visited the home of the Ughur family and the Kyrgyz and Tajik tents.
In fact,we visited all the places mentioned in the itinerary.From time to time,I received calls from Imam and Ali who wanted to know how the tour was progressing and whether we encountered any problem,The Ughur guides were fluent in English and they provided us the information we needed.I would like to express my thanks to Abdul who handled the correspondence so well and was attentive to our requests.My friends and I are pleased with the service rendered and will certainly recommend Xinjiang Travel to others if they want to join the Silk Road Tour.

Lim Liew Chuan from Malaysia (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Heinz H

September 27, 2017

The people at Kashgar guide helped me in an outstanding competent way to tailor my trip from Kashgar to Tashkurgan to my specific needs. No pushy behavior neither hide information to me before the trip. Very trustful and friendly and excellent English speaking.

Heinz H from Austria (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

Rick H

I made a fantastic day trip from Kashgar to Karakul Lake, on the Karakoram Highway. Before the trip I had many questions, and Abdul always responded to my emails quickly. My excellent guide, Tudajim, was very knowledgable about the region, and could answer all my questions. During the tour we took lots of time to take photo’s, walk around, or discuss the local culture. The area is so beautiful, and it was great to see Tudajim’s love for the region too! In all, the trip was perfect, and definitely a highlight of my visit to Xinjiang Province and all of China! I can really recommend Kashgar Guide!

Rick from Netherlands (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

TK Jung

September 17, 2017

It was a good trip. I have received a lot of friendly replies before starting of the trip. We enjoy a comfortable trip thanks to a friendly guide and a nice driver in the local area. The hostel provided was clean and comfortable. (I have chosen 4-star, and my wife is fully satisfied.) Absolutely I recommend. 🙂

TK Jung from South Korea (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Peter F

September 15, 2017

I came to Xinjiang Travel via the farwestchina.com website and it turned out to be an excellent recommmendation. We left our plans till only a month before arriving but this did not stop Abdul from organising a very good itinerary. We had eight days, starting in Urumqi, then Turpan, Hotan, Kashgar, Tashkurgan then back to Urumqi. It is such an amazing area, both the physical landscapes and the cultural aspects, and our short stay, we felt we got to experience a nice cross section. Abdul and his team were very easy to deal with online and when we were organising the trip, responded to enquiries within a day. Once there, they were keen to ensure the trip ran as smoothly as possible. We had two excellent, very knowledgeable and friendly english speaking guides for Turpan (Ahmat) and Kasgar-Tashkurgan (Moradil), who quickly became good friends. As well as guiding us through the many cultural gems, they ensured we had a great experience with the local food. The only possible hitch was, due to our short notice, Abdul could not organise an english speaking guide in Hotan. In fact our chinese speaking driver was a lot of fun and was a more than adequate substitute. The hotelsfor our seven nights were all up to, or exceeded, expectations. The Sultan Hotel in Kashkurgan was fantastic, and helped to make our three days there very special. So, overall, we would definitely commend Xinjiang Travel to any prospective travellers, particularly if you want a real cultural experience, and want to avoid the crowds.

Peter F from Australia (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Emil S

September 11, 2017

From when we began to organize our tour, Abdul was always there–prompt responses and open to suggestions. During our tour, we needed to make a change, as the Torugat border crossing with Kyrgyzstan was going to be closed. Abdul and his team worked out how to fly from Kashgar to Bishkek and purchased tickets for us.

The guides were outstanding; knowledgeable and excellent English. In Dunhuang and Hotan, the guides suggested we visit the local museums. Both were well worth the stop and museum visits could be added as an option to the tours.

With the increased security measures and frequent stops to show passports, several days were quite long.

Emil S from US (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Carola B.

September 6, 2017

Had an amazing time in Xinjiang. Did three tours with Xinjiang Travel and everything was simply perfect. Since the first time I contacted, Abdul replied to every message so quickly and clearly. Both Abdul and Ali were simply amazing. I cannot think of better or more professional people. Perfectly organised, knowledgeable, nice, excellent english. Both Ali and Abdul went out of their way to help in any possible way. As a woman travelling on my own I could not have met a better Travel agency and nicer and warmer people. Thank you so very much and I will certainly see you in the future, there is so much more I want to explore in Xinjiang !!!

Carola  B. from UK! (Original source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA Listing)

Urs K

September 5, 2017

I traveled to Xinjiang twice, first time in May 2015 and in October 2016 again. For the first trip, my family in Europe did all the planning with the help of Xinjiang Travel. Communication and setting up the entire travel schedule was very smooth, and the team of Xinjiang Travel with base in Urumqi was extremely responsive, and helpful in working out the route for our 20day road-trip, proposing places to visit, arranging the SUV & driver, and booking the accommodations . Imam, Tudajin, Abdul and their team arranged an excellent and save driver, being familiar with the roads, highlights and scenic spots on the Karakoram highway, from Kashgar to Hotan, across the Taklamakan desert and along the northern route from Aksu to Urumqi via Turpan. In the few instances where we decided to spontaneously arrange a daytrip which was not pre-arranged, Imam and his team -with whom we were in contact through whatsapp and wechat- did a great job in fulfilling our wishes, including a day-trip to visit old ruins in the Taklamakan desert, or as we decided to extend our stay in one of the cities along the travel route.

The stunning landscapes, rich history, cultural experience but also the visible ongoing economic transformation of the region left me with the desire to come back so I decided to arrange a second trip a year later in October 2016, and it was an easy decision for me that I would ask Xinjiang Travel for their services again. The second trip was shorter (7 days), did include the Karakoram highway with a trip to the Khunjerab pass, back to Kashgar, the Taklamakan desert, and a visit of Shipton’s Arch.

Xinjiang is one of the most impressive places I ever visited. I can highly recommend the services of Xinjiang Travel.

Urs from Switzerland (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Yoram B

August 29, 2017

Although contacted at the last minute, Abdul and Ali went out of their way to advise, organize and ensure that my various tour went as smoothly as possible. They solved any problems that had arisen which were out of anyone’s control and provided the best possible and enjoyable service.
They are most punctual, well prepared, very knowledgeable and very very patient.
We went to 2 separate tours around Urumqi and soon after Ali arranged to my request fine tours aroung Yining and Kuqa, all reasonably priced.
I can highly recommend this company and these trust worthy people for their excellent service which met all my expectations.

Yoram B from Thailand! (Original source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)