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David Lynch

June 4, 2017

I recently spent an amazing weekend in Kashgar and Karakul Lake thanks to Kashgar Guide. Abdul was very responsive to my email inquires and quickly arranged my entire itinerary in a matter of hours. Upon arrival I met up with my tour guide, Tudajim, who oriented me to Xinjiang and my upcoming trip to Karakul Lake. He was an excellent guide and provided a local perspective that made the trip more enjoyable. I highly recommend Kashgar Guide not only for their professionalism but for their adaptability in tailoring a trip that met my limited time requirements.

David Lynch from US! (Original Source is Kashgar Guide TA Listing)

Robert Wilson

May 28, 2017

Right from my initial enquiry in December Abdul answered every email promptly and in perfect English which made everything just so easy. A three day program for one was organised in Kashgar with the proviso that if others joined then my price would be lower. (Another person did join and my price was reduced.)

Then a month before my May tour I changed the dates I would be in Kashgar slightly……no problem. I then wanted a two day Turpan tour…..again no problem.

Prior to my Turpan tour I caught the train from Yining to Urumqi. There was a lengthy delay and not speaking Chinese I didn’t know quite what was happening. A Chinese passenger phoned Muhammad Ali, told him what was happening, then Muhammad Ali explained the situation to me. That was really appreciated and assured me I was in good hands.

Ahmatjan guided me in Turpan and Tudajim in Kashgar. Both were knowledgeable locals passionate about and proud of their culture and heritage. Their excellent English made them great people to be with and I felt I was travelling with friends. Nothing was too much trouble for either and both went out of their way to ensure I enjoyed myself.

All in all I’m very pleased I chose to travel with Kashgar Guide and should I return to Xinjiang I’ll certainly be travelling with these guys again.

Robert Wilson from Australia! (Review original source is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)


May 25, 2017

I just wanted to say, belatedly, thank you very much for organizing all the interesting day trips you did for us.  They were all highlights in different ways – the cultural blockbuster was Mogao but the natural blockbuster was Shipton’s arch; and there were so many other wonderful things too.  Xinjiang is a fascinating area and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring it with your help – it made it so easy for us and we nearly came in on budget! 

Your guides were lovely and the drivers safe drivers.  By the end of two long days Ali and Tudajim almost seemed like family! Please give them my best regards too.

Wishing you all the best with your venture and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Xinjiang Travel to anyone I know who is coming to NW China. 

Kate from UK!

Jing & Ame

May 1, 2017

We booked our trip to North Xinjiang through Xinjiang Travels after checking with a couple of other travel agencies. Xinjiang Travels are very professional, accommodating and reasonably priced. We were very happy with the service provided by Abdul. Abdul was always very responsive to our needs. The hotels and transportation was well taken care of. Our driver, Paruk, has a deep knowledge of the area and is friendly and flexible. We really enjoyed this trip (the first anniversary for me and Ame). It was sunny and beautiful when we visited the apricot blossoms in Turgen. We strongly recommend the fruit valley and Sayram lake. The view along the highway is very impressive. Unforgettable trip, hopefully we have chance to visit other parts of Xinjiang next time. So we definitely recommend www.xinjiangtravel.com to all .

Jing & Ame from China & UK!

Gavin Blackburn

April 30, 2017

Our 9-day trip to Xinjiang was utterly unforgettable, due largely to the professionalism and excellent itinerary put together by the team at Xinjiang Travel.

Gavin Blackburn

Gavin Blackburn from Britain!

Our initial email correspondence was smooth and problem-free and Abdul was always quick to reply to our messages and answer any questions we had.
From the moment we arrived in Kashgar, everything about our tour was meticulously planned and super easy. The team put together an incredible itinerary which enabled us to see so much of this stunning part of China and both our Kashgar and Urumqi guides were friendly, helpful and bursting with information about the region. We saw so much, learned so much…and ATE so much…my God, Xinjiang food is to die for!!!
This really was a once in a lifetime kind of holiday which combined culture, adventure and lazy days and one which we thoroughly enjoyed and will never forget.
If you are travelling to China or live there, I can recommend a visit to Xinjiang 100% and have no hesitation in recommending Xinjiang Travel as the BEST way to see this fascinating region!

Gavin Blackburn (Works at CCTV China) from Britain!

Wouter Hofman

April 11, 2017

Abdul fixed our trip for 9 days through Xinjinang early April 2017. Quick to respond in planning, flexible during the travel itself, active in recommending hotels, sites to see, things to do. We were just very happy having done this with and through Abdul & Xinjiang travel.
Abdul organized 2 guides, and both were excellent. Also there, flexible during the trip with day-to-day changes, knowledgeable on local culture, restaurants, sites, history and very inspiring in discussing Xinjiang with them.
Needless to say the trip itself also was worth its while: ‘wild’ camels, amazing mountains, an experience wrt culture, food, local markets, habits, snow, hikes, horse riding, home stays, museums etc.
In all, book a trip to Xinjiang, and use Abdul

Wouter from Netherlands!

Peter & Karen

November 2, 2016

I would highly recommend Kashgar Guide travel company. The office staff have excellent English, are very well organised and responsive to their customers’ requirements.
My wife and I traveled with them in August 2016 for day tours to Shipton’s Arch and Yarkand as well as a 3 day tour along the Karakoram Highway to the Khunjerab Pass. Their vehicles and drivers were very good and our guide was excellent.
Needless to say the scenery was spectacular. We particularly enjoyed the walk up to Shiptons arch and the 3 day trip along the KKH taking in Tashkurgan and Lake Karakul with its spectacular views of mountains and glaciers.

Peter & Karen from Australia!

Urs Kocher

October 31, 2016

For me this was the second time to travel to Xinjiang with Xinjiangtravel.com. While travelling for 20 days in 2015, we decided to spend 7 days in and around Kasghar during this year’s October national holiday. Xinjiangtravel helped us to put the program together and arranged car, driver (Arkin), and did the hotel bookings. The weather was fantastic throughout the whole trip, October is definitely one of the best time to travel to this region. After spending one night in Kasghar, Arkin drove us safely and comfortably up the Karakorum highway to Tashkurgan where we stayed two nights. We spent the remaining days of our trip in and around Kasghar, including a short trip to the Taklamakan desert, and visiting the Shipton’s Arch on the last day before flying back to Beijing. Abdul, Imam and Tudajim did a great job by recommending a program that included all aspects of the memorable trip with breathtaking sceneries of the Pamir mountains, insights into Xinjiang culture, a fun trip to the outskirts of the Taklamakan desert, and comfortable hotels that allowed us to relax. We will definitely use Xinjiangtravel again once we are planning our next trip to Xinjiang.
Urs from Beijing!


October 29, 2016

Nan Li

October 28, 2016

Kathryn Fern

August 29, 2016

I booked a 2-day trip to Tashkurgan in July 2016. I found Abdul and guide Tudajim extremely helpful, both in communicating with me before the trip and on the trip itself. Due to major roadworks, the trip was longer and more difficult than I expected, but it was worth it to get into the mountains, see Lake Karakul and the town of Tashkurgan itself. Highly recommended.

Kathryn from Great Britain!


August 27, 2016

First of all we were really pleased by the quality of the guide’s English and is availability to answer our questions etc. The driver and him were both very professional. The three days tour was well organized and we had no major problem.
Nevertheless we were quite surprised by the Kirghiz yurt we stayed at next to the Karakul Lake. From a past experience of staying in a yurt in Mongolia, the ones at the Karakul Lake should be renovated (at least fill in the holes!) to justify the prices charged.
Besides that, the hotel in Tashkurgan was good, as well as the car and everything else.

Laura from France!


August 8, 2016

I did a day trip to Shipton’s Arch and the 5-day Muztagh Ata trek with Xinjiang Travel.
For both trips, the guides and drivers were helpful, informative and flexible, while remaining careful and keeping our safety at the forefront at all times.
The Muztagh Ata trek was challenging, on a par with trekking in the Nepal Himalaya, but with a greater sense of adventure given the remoteness of the region and the less well-worn trails. The homestays in the mountains were basic but warm and welcoming, giving us an insight into Kyrgyz village life. The views in every direction around Karakul Lake and Muztagh Ata are breathtaking, it’s an incredibly beautiful part of the world.
Thanks to Tudajim, Mirsalijan, Abdul & Mohammed for making my experience in SW Xinjiang so mermorable.
NB: The Shipton’s Arch hike (1.5 hours at ~2900m) is a great acclimatisation for the longer trek.

Robert from Australia!

Bill Greenspan

July 7, 2016

I picked xinjiangtravel.com for a nine-day Xingjiang Silk Road Tour because of their professionalism in all correspondences and their prompt and accurate responses. Not to forget to mention that their private tour price was reasonable. I always received feedback on my inquiries within one day or less. I picked the basic itinerary myself but they fine tuned it to meet my time limit and finances. Both of the guides were well prepared for their tasks and tried their best to satisfy our day-to-day needs. transportation was excellent. Where else can you get Lexus SUV for five days of travel?
Overall, I would certainly recommend this company for all your Xinjiang touring needs.

Bill Greenspan from USA!

Flavio Lorenzon

June 17, 2016

I spent only 4 days (unfortunately!!) in Xinjiang June 2016. But enough to appreciate this wonderful country! A fantastic experience! A taste of true life in Xinjiang. Thanks to the very professional guide Tudajim and the driver that drove me through KKH. Great hospitality from Uyghur and Kirgiz people in their Yurt. I’m living in China, and I traveled a lot around China. But this place is so beautiful, it was out of my expectation! If you consider a visit in this Country, do it! Xinjiang Travel organized my trip properly in detail. Thank you Abdul!
Flavio from Italy!