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Khurrum S

December 10, 2017
Urumqi and Kashgar visits with Xinjiang Travel. I was lucky enough to have found Xinjiang travel right before my trip to Xinjiang province and they helped immensely. Even with hotel bookings and topping up my cell phone with credit it was great to have a friendly faces help me in a place where I didn’t know anyone.

I had such a short trip to Xinjiang that I’m so happy that they were able to make it so memorable. On my first day the entire day was spent looking for a decent hotel as I found the hotel I originally booked the Wyndham was 40 km from Urumqi. Xinjiang Travel helped me to switch to a hotel more at the Centre of Ürümqi, the Tumaris which was quite good. Anyway so was able to spend only an hour visiting the Grand Bazaar in Ürümqi the first day. Next day we headed to Tianshan Lake which was really awesome and I would highly recommend a trip (even in the winter, at least late November).

But they really helped me also in Kashgar where I had a trip of my lifetime on the Karakoram Highway driving basically on what was the ancient Silk Road. Our guide Tudajim and driver Erkan were stable, knowledgeable and overall awesome. Tudajim gave me a walking tour of Kashgar old city the next day which really rounded out my excellent but short trip to Xinjiang. I hope I can come back again! And I’ll always remember this exciting trip!

Khurrum S from Bangladesh (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Florian S

November 20, 2017
Great Kashgar City Tour. We had a very recommendable experience with our guide who knew the city from his childhood days. As architects and urban planners we were very glad that this offered us a detailed insight in to the resuts of Kashgar´s urban renewal. Highly recommended.
Florian S from Germany (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

Beverley S

Kashgar Guide – Xinjiang travel experts. Kashgar Guide is the “go to” company if you’re planning to travel in Xinjiang, China. We’ve used them twice for travel there and cannot speak highly enough of them. This year at the end of September we crossed the Irkeshtam Pass into China from Sary Tash, Kyrgyzstan. During planning of this trip, Kashgar Guide helped with valuable information about getting through the Chinese checkpoints from the Kyrgyzstan border. Once we were in Kyrgyzstan, Abdul was in constant contact regarding the logistics, we found his help invaluable. As planned, once we got through the 1st Chinese Custom House, Tudajim was waiting outside with a comfortable car and driver. We travelled with Tudajim during our last stay in Xinjiang and were very pleased to see him again. We had a welcome meal while we waited for the 2nd Custom House to open. Going through the 2nd Custom House, Tudajim went out of his way to help us through the visa checking process. Following this, Tudajim went into every security check point with us on our drive to Kashgar. If you are considering a border pass trip into China, you need Kashgar Guide on your side. Three years ago, we used Kashgar Guide for trips to Tashkurgan and Hotan, which were fantastic experiences. This year, while in Kashgar, we also did a walking tour of Old Kashgar, which is well worth doing if you are staying in Kashgar.
Beverley S from Australia (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

Fei Y

November 12, 2017

We did a 5 day trip to Xinjiang flying into Urumqi. Kashgar guide helped organise pick up at the airport to drive into Turpan for a day and a half, driven back to Urumqi for a flight to Kashgar the following night…and then picked up the next day for a day trip to Karakul Lake.

We booked our own hotels and Abdul kindly helped us organise the drivers for both locations who were very friendly and patient with us taking photos. We decided to spend the last day exploring Kashgar by ourselves rather than include it into the tour for some flexibility.

All in all the process was very smooth and well organised for us even tho we booked super last minute. It was also a great time to go – zero tourists.

Fei Y from Australia (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

Fairouz B

November 10, 2017
Great tour with a great guide ! We did a 2 days tour to Karakul Lake and Tashkurgan city during the chinese holidays at the end of September 2017 and it was amazing ! The landscapes were breathtaking, the tour was calm and peaceful. Our guide was very kind and he spoke a good english so we could ask him all our questions about the region and its history.

We felt totally safe on the road thanks to a great driver. Even if the road was long, we wasn’t exhausted, it was a very good road trip.
The price was very good for the great quality of the tour. We totally recommend it !

Fairouz B from France (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

Paul H

November 7, 2017

I was a lone traveller but this was no problem either for the Kashgar Guide Company or myself. Abdul consistently responded quickly and most helpfully to initially e-mails and then via WeChat, to all of my questions / concerns; the arrangements being much complicated because of sudden changes in regulations. However Kashgar Guide / Abdul came through with all the required documents in time for me to make a most splendid two day trip to Tashkurgan (spending one night at the Crown Inn) stopping at beautiful Karakul lake on the way. The drive and scenery is stunning as well as being of great interest; the road building feat also being worthy of note alone. The tour and stops were conducted at my pace, never did I feel hurried. Tashkurgan city and the ancient Stone City if found fascinating. I also completed another two day trip, being driven from Urumqi to Turpan to stay one night, meeting Anwar a friendly knowledgeable English speaking local guide in Turpan. This tour again was impeccably organised with visits to the Karez, Tuyu Valley, Qocho ancient city, Thousand Buddha caves, Turpan Minaret and Yar City. Each and every site was a fascinating insight into this area of Xinjiang. The hotel booked for me in Turpan was also excellent. So a highly recommended company who also incidentally (for a fee) collected me from the airports at both Kashgar and Urumqi bringing along a member of the Company as well as the driver to discuss final arrangements. Most enjoyable I hope to one day return.

Paul H from UK (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

Yayeem K

October 31, 2017
Trip of a lifetime on the Karakorum Highway. I decided to travel into Pakistan on the Karakorum Highway in September 2017. I travelled overland from Kasghar, to Tashkurgan and then over the border into Pakistan. The trip would not have been possible without the excellent Abdul and the team. They organized the my transport, hotels and travel permits. Abdul was also always available on the telephone to discuss any things I wanted. Mr Ahmetjahn the driver was fantastic as well! With the team looking after all these arrangements I was able to just focus on enjoying the beautiful ride on the Karakorum Highway! I hope to come back to Xinjiang for another tour and will definitely speak to Abdul again.
Nayeem K from UK (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

Yasuko S

October 27, 2017
Great experience in Xinjiang. I went to Xinjiang this October Chinese holiday. I took part in 10 days tour and it was really fantastic!! I went to the desert for camel riding, Shipton’s Arch, Kashgar, Tashkargan and so on.  The hotel conditions were OK but sometimes no hot water was available in the morning. Tour guide name was Tudaji, he was friendly and really care to us. Also all tour members were nice and kind.  I will recommend this tour to my friends and also I’m sure to take part next tour to the Northern part of Xinjiang in summer holidays. Thanks for everything!
Yasuko S. from Japan (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Victor C

October 26, 2017

Great tour company to work with for Silk Road & Xinjiang trip.  I’m the group leader for our travel group for the past 6-7 cruise & land tours. Back in the summer of 2016 we decided to have a trip to The Silk Road & Northern Xinjiang because we learned the history of Silk Road from the text books while we grow up in Taiwan. After asking around of some friends for referrals we end up contact Xinjiang Travel and another well known travel agency in China for itinerary suggestions & quote. We end up with Xinjiang Travel not only because their quote were 40% lower but also their prompt services. I was a little skeptical at the beginning because as a Mandrain speaking Chinese American I have to deal with Imam & Abdul in English about this 2200 years old Silk Road history. After numerous email for a year finnaly we nailed down this past September trip for our group of 30 senior citizens. Unfortunately me & my wife unable to make the trip at the last minute but I nominated another friend as the group leader to work with Imam during the trip ( Imam, one of the owner served as the National Tour Guide traveled along with our group the whole time ). I can’t write any thing about the actual trip experience but from the feed back of my group members, it’s definitely a successful trip and everyone praised the driver, local guide’s knowledge and Imam’s ability & flexibility in resolving issues occurred unexpectly. I definitely will work with them again if I organize another Silk Road trip.

V. Chang from Las Vegas USA (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Koen T

October 16, 2017
Great way to experience a great part of China.  We recently spent the October holiday in Xinjiang and (amongst others) travelled two days in and around Turpan with Xinjiang travel’s guide Ahmatjan. He was very knowledgeable and friendly.Turpan and surroundings are full of places that are absolutely worthwhile to visit and Ahmatjan made the trip very enjoyable.
Koen from Netherlands! (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Marjan Gabriel

October 10, 2017

I booked a 10 day Xinjiang Tour and can only recommend It. Perfect organisation, knowledgable and helpfull guides who’s English is very good. The only hickup is the speeds limit regulations of 40 km/h in the region for which the company cannot be blamed.i would book with them again!

Marjan Gabriel from Austria!

Shirley B

October 7, 2017

I decided to go North instead of the other more popular routes and I sure got a taste of the North! the weather turned cold early and by the time I got to Kanas it had snowed! There were many events that were out of our hands (such as snow) and made for long days of travel but the guide Ali and the driver Cheng Liang (thanks for getting us safe off the mountain!) always got me to where I was supposed to be. I saw a lot of very beautiful scenery.
The government stopped letting tourists stay in the yurts the day I was supposed to do so but we ended up at a lovely hot spring instead. I could see the full moon and there was a bonfire outside. I think it was a warmer choice than staying in the yurt where I was able to go and have lunch.
I really enjoyed Multi-coloured Bay and The Ghost Town . The Yardang formations are amazing!
As a woman traveling alone I felt safe with both the the guide and the driver and would highly recommend them. Thanks Ali for leaving the office to guide me. I plan to go to Gansu and then come back up this way next year. I would like to ride camels and camp.

Shirley B from Canada ( Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Briggitte P

We are a german couple living in Shanghai and managed to go to Xinjiang during Golden Week. One of the Highlights may be t h e Highlight is the tour on the Karakorum Highway which we booked through Kashgar Guide or Xinjiang Travel. From the first contact Abdul was responding at once. If you live in China it is easy with WeChat or SMS to communicate. We had a 2-day-tour from Kashgar staying over night in the Crown Inn in Tashkurgan. It takes whole day driving although Highway is new but with all the controls. Tudajim was a very good guide, always friendly and telling a lot of interesting things about life of the nomads, locals and sights we saw on our way. We went to nice local restaurants and had good food. The landscape is breathtaking and never boring. You can see camels, yaks and of course these incredible mountains. The whole tour was organized very well. Abdul always informed us at once about anything and put a lot of efforts to ensure that we are completely pleased and we are and will highly recommend the Xinjiang Travel or Kashgar guide.

Briggitte P from Germany (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)

Michael T

October 4, 2017

Our family with 3 young children visited Kashgar and went with Kashgar Guide. Abdul, Imam, and the rest of their team were very professional, courteous, and accommodating to our young children. The hotel they recommended was excellent, above our expectations in comfort and cleanliness.

Michael T from US (Source of the review is Kashgar Guide TA listing)

Mary Beth H

October 1, 2017

We had two tour guides who have lots of culture, historical and geographical knowledge on both Xinjiang & the Silk Road. Along the way to each destination, they introduced the local customs, plants, fruits, land formation and historical background before we got there to enable us grasped the beauty of each place.

Mary Beth H from US (Source of the review is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)