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Experience the remarkably diverse landscapes of Xinjiang and discover the cultural bridge between the fascinating Middle Eastern Islamic civilization and modern development in this midpoint of the 2,000-year-old Silk Road.

12 Days Northern Xinjiang Natural Scenery Photography Tour

Ghost City

Destinations: Urumqi – Boerjin – Karamay – Ili – Zhaosu –  Xinyuan – Urumqi

Our 12 day Northern Xinjiang Natural Scenery Photography Tour starts and ends in Urumqi. During these 12 day, you will visit the most picturesque Heavenly Lake, Hemu Village, Kanas Lake, Ghost City, Sayram Lake, and Narat Grassland.

6 Days Best of Northern Xinjiang Scenery Tour

Urumqi Heavenly Lake

Destinations: Urumqi – Buerjin – Karamay

Our 6 day Best of Northern Xinjiang Scenery Tour captures the essence of Northern Xinjiang. It helps you to visit, understand and learn about the culture, custom and geography of northern Xinjiang in a relatively short time.

5 Days Northern Xinjiang Photography Tour

Kanas Lake

Destinations: Altay – Kanas – Hemu Village – Altay

Our 5 day Northern Xinjiang Photography Tour allows you to do a short trek to Kanas Lake in order to capture the beauty of Kanas Lake and it’s settlement. It also allows you to enjoy and capture the beauty of Hemu Village, reported to be third most beautiful village in China.

13 Days Adventurer Xinjiang Tour

Kucha Kizil Buddha Caves

Destinations:Kashgar- Karakorum Highway- Tashkorgan- Hotan- Niya- Crossing Taklimakan Desert-Kuqa-Korla-Turpan-Urumqi-Heavenly Lake

Our 13 day Adventurer Xinjiang Tour takes you to the Pamir Plateau on the Karakorum Highway. You will travel along the Southern Silk Road to Hotan then cross the Taklamakan Desert to Kucha. The tour will end in Urumqi after visiting Turpan and Heavenly Lake.

12 Days Fascinating Xinjiang Tour

Yarkand Golden Grave Yard

Destinations: Kashgar- Karakorum Highway- Yarkant-Hotan-Taklimakan Desert- Aksu- Kuqa- Korla- Tianshan Mountain Range- Turpan-Urumqi

Our 12 day Fascinating Xinjiang Tour is similar to our 13 day Adventurer Xinjiang Tour. It’s only difference is that the latter one takes the new Taklamakan Desert Highway to Kucha via Aksu whereas the first one takes the old Taklamakan Desert Highway to Kucha via Niya.

12 Days Historical Xinjiang Tour

Kashgar Handicraft Street

 Destinations: Urumqi- Turpan- Kuqa- Aksu- Crossing the Taklimakan Desert- Hotan- Kashgar- Urumqi

Our 12 day Historical Xinjiang Tour focuses on historical cities along the Silk Road in Xinjiang. These historical citieshad significant roles in caravans businesses during the Silk Road times and in the development of Xinjiang today.

8 Days Mysterious Xinjiang Tour

Kashgar Appak Hoja Tomb

 Destination: Hotan- Yarkand- Kashgar- Turpan- Urumqi

Our 8 dayMysterious Xinjiang Tour takes you to less visited cities along the ancient Silk Road in China. These cities have long histories, rich in culture and custom. It (which city?) played a significant role during the ancient Silk Road times back 2,000 years ago.

8 Days Classical Xinjiang Tour

Tashkorgan Stone City

Destinations: Torgat or Irkashtam Pass – Kashgar- Karakorum Highway- Tashkurgan- Turpan- Urumqi

Our 8 day Classical Xinjiang Tour is the best combination of natural scenery, culture, custom and historical sites. You will be visiting the Karakorum Highway on the Pamir Plateau, the Sunday market in Kashgar and Tuyuk Village in Turpan.

9 Days Xinjiang Silk Road Tour

Shipton's Arch

 Destinations:Kashgar- Tashkorgan- Yopurga- Urumqi- Turpan

Our 9 days Xinjiang Silk Road Tour takes you to the Khunjerab Pass on the Karakorum Highway, the Taklamakan Desert in Yupurga, the Kariz Underground Water System in Turpan and many more Buddhist and Islamic architectural sites along the Silk Road Xinjiang.

8 Days Xinjiang Southern Silk Road Tour

Karakoram Highway

 Destinations:Kashgar- Tashkurgan- Hotan- Taklimakan Desert- Kuche

Our 8 day Xinjiang Southern Silk Road Tour begins in Kashgar then continues along the Southern Silk Road to Hotan via Yarkand. After a day visit to Hotan, we drive across the Taklamakan Desert to Kucha for our visit to Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves and other places of interest in Kucha.

6 Days Xinjiang Cultural Tour

Urumqi Heavenly Lake

Destination: Turpan -Kashgar – Hotan – Urumqi

Our 6 day Xinjiang Cultural Tour help you to understand and learn about the cultures of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The four cities we visit played a significant role both during the great Silk Road times and are also significant cities today.

8 Days Memories of Xinjiang Tour

Hotan Sunday Market

Destinations: Torgat Pass of Kyrgyzstan – Kashgar-Hotan – Aksu – Atush – Irkashtam Pass of Kyrgyzstan

Our 8 day Memories of Xinjiang Tour is designed for those who are entering from Kirgizstan to Kashgar at the Torgat border, then exits to Kirgizstan at the Irkashtam border. The short stay in Xinjiang focuses on Kashgar, Yarkand, Hotan and crossing the Taklamakan Desert.

10 Days Southern Xinjiang Silk Road Tour

Tianshan Grand Conyon

 Destinations: Urumqi – Turpan – Kuqa – Hotan – kashgar

Our 10 day Southern Xinjiang Silk Road Tour takes you to remote and less travelled areas in far west China. It is recommended for “first time” visitors to Xinjiang and those who are keen to learn about the culture, custom, history and natural scenery of Xinjiang and its people.

12 Days Xinjiang Tour via Taklamakan Desert

Corner Lake

 Destinations:   Kashgar-Hotan-Taklimakan desert- Aksu –  Kucha – Korla-Turpan_Urumqi

Our 12 day Xinjiang Tour via the Taklamakan Desert gives a unique view of the Ancient Silk Road by touring along less commonly used routes. During the 12 days, you will be travelling in mountains, through countrysides, visit markets, and cross the second largest sand desert. (? in the world or in China)

13 Days Xinjiang Tour by Crossing Taklamakan Desert

Taklamakan Desert Highway

 Destinations: Kashgar – Tashkorgan – Hotan – Niya – Taklimakan Desert – Kuqa – Korla – Turpan – Urumqi

Our 13 day Xinjiang Tour by Crossing the Taklamakan Desert will give you a slightly different experience to the previous tour. The 13 day Xinjiang Tour cross the Taklamakan Desert from Niya via Tarim whereas the above tour crosses it via Alar which is a much shorter distance.