6 Days Best of Northern Xinjiang Scenery Tour

February 16, 2018
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Destinations: Urumqi – Buerjin – Karamay

Our 6 day Best of Northern Xinjiang Scenery Tour captures the essence of Northern Xinjiang. It helps you to visit, understand and learn about the culture, custom and geography of northern Xinjiang in a relatively short time.

Day 1: Arrival to Urumqi


Activities: Our guide and driver will meet you at the Urumqi airport then transfer you to you hotel in Urumqi

Accommodation: Urumqi

Day 2: Urumqi to Heavenly Lake

Attractions: Xinjiang Museum, Heavenly Lake, Kazak

Activities: After breakfast, you will fist visit the extensive Xinjiang museum

The drive to Heavenly lake

The night will be spennt in Kazak Yurt at the Heavenly Lake, you will enjoy the Kazak culture and great scenery of the lake and the Tianshan Mountain.

Accommodation: Kazak yurt by the lake

Day 3: Heavenly Lake to Buerjin

Attractions: Multicolored Landscape

Activities: After enjoying the Sun rise and Kazak breakfast, you will leave for Boerjin, it is about 7 hours drive from Heavenly lake to Buerjin.

on route, you will visit the Multicolored Landscape, it is located in the place which called Grangd Gobi in the depth of the desert 130Km from the Jimsar county. It is natural city consisting of the bright and colorful shale in various colors including dark red, ochre, deep gray, grayish white, red, yellow, and green ect . it is very mystic

You will arrive in Boerjin in the time for dinner

Accommodation: Boerjin

Day 4:Boerjin to Kanas Lake

Attractions: Stone statues

Kanas Lake Moon Bay, Xinjiang

Activities: After breakfast, you will drive to Kanas Lake. On route, you will see the Stone statues. Theses statues mostly standing in or at east of the cemeteries or tombs, they are all facing to east direction where the sun rises, they some times appear one or two ( male and female) these statues in Altay area date back to 3000years ago. Among these, the Turkic warrior statues of the Tang Dynasty are most famous. These statues in Altay area are the reflection of the ancestor worship and of praying for blessings and protections of the inhabitants of the early stage. It is just full of culture intention on the grasslands of northern Xinjiang. You will be stopping in several other places for al the Bays to get the great photo of the resort. You will arrive in Kanas lake resort in the time for lunch. After having lunch, you will spend the whole afternoon at the Kanas lake with doing short hikes, or taking boat ride or taking the great photos of the area

Accommodation: Tuwa or Kazak guest house

Day 5: Kanas Lake to Karamay

Attractions: Ghost City

Activities: After breakfast, you will be driving to Karamay, you will visit the Ghost City. The “Ghost Town” in the desert is situated 100 kilometers away from Karamay city, it covers an area of 100,000 sq meters (10 hectares). Being one of the few typical wind erosion physiognomies in the world, the Ghost City has become a famous tourist area for its unique landform and the howling wind.

Accommodation: Karamay

Day 6: Karamay to Urumqi then fly out

Attractions: Erdaoqiao International Grand Bazzar

Activities: you will leave for Uurmqi after breakfast and arrive in Urumqi in the time for lunch, after lunch, you will visit the local Erdaoqiao international market where can be the symbol of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

You will then take flight or train to your next destination