judith mandel

If you are lucky enough to go to Xinjiang, you must employ Imam Husaan as your guide. Imam and his group will make your travel arrangements, allowing you to do what you want for as long as you want. You can trek in the high mountains, sleep in the desert, buy rugs, go dancing with the locals, or just eat your way through Kashgar. There is nothing better than cruising along a country rode listening to great music coming from Ablimit’s stereo.
Imam is scrupulously honest and prompt. No fuss , no pressure. Perfect.

Mohd Zaid

We came from Malaysia early of Oct. 2010 and assigned this agency to arrange the silk road tour starting from Xian to Urumqi, Turpan Kashgar and Tashkorgant. The arrangement done by appointed staff such as Abdul kayum and Imam was very professional and perfect. Our group consist of 7 people was very happy with their kind services and you can always see their smile all the way of the journey. PROBLEMS….they will solve for you as long as they keep inform earlier. PERFECT

Silk road is the compulsary destination place for those really like to travel. Because this place is a combination from the history which the existence is more than 3000 years ago which link the world from Europe to Asia. Culture which combine from different ethnic starting from Persian in Iran at the West until really pure chinese to the East.
Along the journey you can see the magnificient scenery with different landscape of Geography such as desert, valley, hilly, snow covered mountain,lakes, grapes farm and other associated panorama which can only find in this province.

As a traveller, I would suggest everyone who like to travel must put this area as one of the compulsary place to visit as we call ” One Of My Destination Place To Go “. And please ensure use the right tour agency company to travel and for sure I would suggest those traveller outside there to use this company as your agent in this area.

For Abdul Kaiyum and Imam…Thank you Very Much with your welcome hospitality when the Malaysian was in your country.

Chauchis Michel

Thanks (grand merci) Imam,Abdul, Neirat.
My wife and I went for one week in Kashgar early October 2010 during the Chinese holiday week. We stayed in a simple Chinese hotel we had booked near the new lake, having the breakfast among Chinese and the day among locals. It was not in town center but simple and convenient with 20-mn walk to access to any very nice uyghur restaurant (Orda, Miran, Nuran, small local ones) and places to visit. People are nice and helpful. Saturday and Sunday we visited by ourselves wandering a lot along old and new streets. Monday to Tuesday we went to Tashkorgan then Oytag with Abdul and Neirat from Imam’s team. All was running smoothly, Neirat driving carefully and Abdul explaining and answering our questions. We had all our meals together each time in small local restaurants enjoying sheep based soups of skewers as well as fruits. Wednesday we went to Yarkand and Taklamakan. Regarding Imam’s team, organization, kindness, fairness all has already been said and is true ; they are fair and best in class. The guies take care of you, share their living style and are friendly. We will come again in Xinjiang with Imam.
Be informed too that since August 2010 Kashgar is declared free economic zone like Shenzhen and Shanghaï Pudong. We are happy to find good local entrepreneurs.
Marie-Ange et Michel (France).