The OX team

The night before arriving in Kasghar and still in Shanghai, my friends and I had no idea about where we were going to sleep the following day. Fortunately, we found Imam’s phone number on the internet and all our worries were gone! We called Imam at midnight and he answered us immediately, giving us a quick and accurate answer. In a five minutes time, he arranged that an english-speaking guide would take us at the airport and transfer us to the Eden Hotel, offering rather cheap double rooms, which perfectly suited us. What a relief!

Once arrived in Kashgar, Imam was of much help, always willing to answer us for any inquiry we had. We really appreciated his communicative enthusiasm !
Imam also arranged for us a trip to Tashkorgan through the Karakorum road: a 2 days trip with a very nice private driver, who taught us some pieces of Uyghur language! Everything was perfectly organized according to our expectations and this trip was one of the most wonderful journey we ever had : we couldn’t imagine it could be so beautiful! Absolutely amazing!

We would like to thank also Tudaji, a very nice english-speaking guide travelling with another group of tourists. Both his english and knowledge of Xinjiang are of high level and he was always of good advice.

To conclude, Kashgar Guide agency is both reliable and friendly: it is definitely the one that you should contact if you want to have an unforgettable stay in Kashgar !

Imam and Tudaji, only one word to you : Rahhhhhhhhhhhmet !

The OX team (from France)


Kashgar Guide recommendation

I was still in Beijing when I first contacted Kashgar Guide in the attempt to get accommodation and set up a tour along Karakoram highway in less than 24 hours before my arrival to Kashgar. Imam’s response was not only quick, it was thorough and enthusiastic.

Already in Kashgar, I was extremely glad to find that, unlike most local travel agencies and group tours around China, Kashgar Guide is reliable and well organized. The agency does not overcharge for the services and it customizes tour packages for small groups of people who are in sync regarding itinerary, traveling conditions and activities. The tours are organized according to the visitor’s wishes and the agency’s recommendations, without any last minute compulsory detour for shopping or touristy visits that were not in the itinerary. Transportation, accommodation and meals along the road are thought up to provide as much comfort as possible

The agency’s team is competent and nice company while on the road. Imam and Tudaji’s English is great, they’re both knowledgeable and happy to answer any curious queries without delivering boring lectures. They manage the schedule so that visitors get enough time to photograph and explore on their own too. Abdul is an experienced driver who always chooses the right moment to stop for a bite of watermelon by the road.

Until I left Kashgar, even after the Karakoram Highway tour was over, Imam and Tudaji were happy to provide information and tips, usual and off the beaten path, about the best spots and to-do’s around town. They’re also on top of things about traveling to other cities in Xinjiang.

Traveling in China can be quite a challenge, especially when you don’t know your way around and don’t speak the language, so to be able to count on these guys for help was truly great and one of the reasons when I enjoyed Kashgar so much. Thank you very much/Kop Rahmat Imam, Tudaji and Abdul!

My trip throughout Xinjiang continued after I left the city, but Kashgar was the cherry on top of the cake. A remote region that physically and culturally indulges the senses; I couldn’t quite find another place in the province that exuded the same exotic charm.

I don’t hesitate in recommending the oasis at the heart of the Silk Road and while you’re there, call up Kashgar Guide to make the most of your time.



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Thank you Imam for your wonderful service at the end of September. The trip in Kashgar and Tashkurgan was fantastic! The guide did an amazing job, and the driver was wonderful too. I hadn`t realised what a beautiful place Xinjiang was. I would highly highly recommend anyone to use your services, and will be back to Xinjiang again someday to explore some more. Thank you so much.


Bernadette Cadden

We joined the Kashgar Guide tour located in the Eden Hotel. The three days two nights tour to Tashkugan and Kunjerab pass. Imam Husa helped us to organize the tour and driver. He speaks excellent English and provided valuable information for our travelling needs. The tour was excellent, we were never rushed and hotel we stayed in Tashkugan exceeded our expectation. Most importantly, the drive was very safe on those steep windy road thru the mountain passes. The yurt we stayed in Karakul Lake was the traditional type, not the concrete one some tour put you in. We highly recommend Iman from Kashgar Guide if you want a good value tour ?

Jonathan Chui and Bernadette Cadden
Canada and Ireland

Clinton Woolley

When traveling I prefer to organize things by myself. However, in planning my trip to Xinjiang for September 2011, I decided to use a local agency in that part of China. With a search on the internet I found What they offered was exactly what I was looking for. I emailed them with questions and they responded immediately with answers. Imam, the manager, was very helpful and took care of all my needs before and after I arrived in Kashgar. He is well versed in the travel and tourism business and a very nice guy. Dealing with Kashgar Guide was easy. They are honest and eager to please. I found them to be trustworthy, very friendly, and highly recommend using their service.

Clint Woolley