Adeline and Jean-Marie

Mid January (coldest period in the year : -20°c average) – Our journey in Kashgar started with disappointment as we were able at first to find a driver willing to hit the supposedly icy road to the karakul lake. Luckily we found Iman thanks to his website and he immediately confirmed that we could go not only to the lake but also to Tashkorgan. One hour after we called him, he came to our hotel to take a picture of our passports in order to take care of all mandatory administrative permits. The day after, 10AM, he was waiting in the lobby of our hotel as our guide and with the driver. Everything was ready to go.
We had doubts regarding the scenaries in winter time. But to be honest it was even more amazing than all the pictures we saw from summertime. The light was amazing, the constrasts were stronger between red mountains, frozen valleys, grasslands, sands dunes, snow peaks …
We arrived in Tashkorgan much later than expected as we kept on taking pictures all the way long. Our last desire of the day was to eat yak meat as we have seen many of them during the day. Therefore Imam went to the butcher and then had yak meat cooked for us in a local small restaurant: you definitely have to taste it!
On the second day we enjoyed the same scenaries but with fully different lights and colors. And in the end, we decided to try to catch a plane earlier. Again Imam was there to support us calling friends to book tickets for us. We were on time !
Thank you so much imam for this great two days. We had a wonderful time and everlasting memories.
Adeline and Jean-Marie

Again, thank you so much.

Best regards,
Adeline and Jean-Marie