I worked with Imam at Kashgar Guide who was very knowledgeable and giving of his time and knowledge. As a single woman travelling alone, I was concerned about safety and security. In his good care along with an excellent driver and guide, I felt very very safe.

We started with many options (a very expensive and large trip) which was whittled down to a small trip to Tashkorgan. He worked with me all the way.

On the way back, it was very snowy and we used chains many times. I could see the other drivers were clearly envious of our jazzy tires. The driver was also prepared with extra air for the tires.

My guide spoke excellent English and was extremely sharing of Uyghur customs as well as those of the other ethnic groups in Xinjiang. In the 2 days I was with them, I got about as good an experience as anyone could.

Imam also helped arrange my stay at the Qinibagh which is a very very tired hotel. That being said, there is no substitute for its ideal location and the staff is more than willing to help. I feel certain that my room was extra clean and warm since I stressed to Imam how important that is to me.

I heartily recommend their entire staff.

Ida (American)