Rosalyn Britten

We organised a group of 6 of us from Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong to travel through Xinjiang in August 2012. Imam was always very prompt in responding to queries from each of us and helping to coordinate our various flight schedules.

We had a hiccup with the Turpan-Kashgar train tickets halfway through our trip as the guide made a mistake with the train times, and Imam was very prompt to rectify the situation even though it was Eid that day; he had us brought to Urumqi and organised flights at no extra cost to us so that we arrived in Kashgar on time.

The transport provided is very comfortable. Lily was an excellent guide in Dunhuang and Tudajim was a superb guide for the Muztagh Ata trek: we were of varying fitness levels and he managed us all very well; if you are thinking of booking with Xinjiang Travel I highly recommend asking if he is available.

Rosalyn Britten from Britain!

Terence Chan

My friends and I went for the 5-day adventure hike to Muztagh Ata and Lake Karakul and had a smashing good time! Our guide Tudaji spoke perfect English and he was very accommodating to our every needs. He ensured that our accommodation, while very basic, was well-taken care off. We didn’t need to worry about food, water and medication either. We also had Xinjiang Travel purchase our train tickets to Turpan, Lanzhou and Xian and Imam was able to procure excellent sleeper tickets promptly. All in all, Xinjiang Travel is an excellent choice if you are travelling the Silk Road!. And they are all native Uyghers!

Terence Chan from Singapore!