Altay is a prefecture, it is located northern Xinjiang. It borders with Kazakhstan, and Russia on its northwest, Mongolia on its northeast, with total frontier length of 1205 km. Total covered an area of of Altay is 171,000 square km which 7% of the region.


Alay prefecture has population of over 640,000 people, major nationality is Kazakh. Other than Kazakh, Han, Hui, Uyghur, and Mongol’s living in altay.

Administrative Division

Altay Prefecture consists of one city, and 6 counties. They are: Altay city, Qinghe county, Fuyun county, Fuhai county, Burqin county, Habahe county, and Jeminay county.


Livestock, mining, tourism and water.

Tourist Sites

Altay is famous for its natural scenic spots, among which Kanas Lake is the one of the most well known one in the county. Other than this, Fishing Pavilion, Hemu Village, and Multicolored Bay also the famous in the region. In recent years, winter skiing tourism by the initiative taken by local and state government with local Kazakh people are under process, if it works well, extends tourism period and boosts local economy.

Altay Weather

Altay have a continental cold weather except Sawuer Mountain area which have cold weather. It is cold during winter and spring. Average temperature for summer is 20℃ or more, for autumn, it is O℃ to 20℃, for winter is 0℃ or less, and for spring is O℃ to 20 ℃.

Altay Attractions

Altay Map