Yadan National Geological Park

Yadan National Geological Park also known as Ghost City due to the strange noise when there is a wind. It is situated 75 km west of Yumen Pass or 180 km northwest of Dunhuang. It is a physiognomy landscape formed by Aeolian erosion. If you are fan of natural landscape, it is one of the places must see.

Yadan National Park stretches 25 km in length and 1-2 km in width with about total covered an area of 50 square km. The area was once a stretch of highlands with cracks, after the function of wind erosion for years, the park formed with the appearance of ruined ancient city.
Tips:The Yadan National Park is located in the Gobi desert; weather is hot during summer and bit cold during winter. It is windy with bad sandstorms. It is advised to bring enough water, sunglass and clothes.