March 1, 2018
Hotan attraction

Dandan Oylik ancient city is located at the merged part of Yurongkash and Keriye River. It is about 360kms far from Hotan city. This ancient city belongs to the Han and Tang Dynasties. This ancient city’s area from north to south is 2kms long and width is lkm.

Most of the buildings were Buddhist temples and built in a wide scale. Aurel Stein excavated Dandan Oylik Buddhist city in 1901. He found the famous wooden slate, which a human body with a mouse head was poorly destroyed. Another slate he found was about the princess who passed on silkworm eggs to Yutian. The famous Chinese Archeologist Huang Wen Bi, who is excavated this ruins in 1929.He found writings in Chinese, Yutian(old Hotan language), Karoshti and Brahman languages and also a large number of ancient coins and other relics. The ruins of the Dandan Oylik Buddhist city are world famous although they are covered by sand now. They still have a great value for archeologists, explorers and tourists.