Imam Asim Tomb

March 1, 2018
Hotan attraction

Imam Asim Ancient Tomb is located in Jiya township of Lop County. The Imam Asim ancient tomb is about 23km far from Hotan. The tomb is just 1km inside of the desert which the farmland and desert merged.

The Imam Asim tomb is belong to a Muslim missionary who was also a military officer in the 1lth century, who came from central Asia to Hotan to convert the people in to Islam. He was died during his Jihad in this place so the people named this place with the name of Imam Asim to show the respect to him. Imam Asim’s tomb is surrounded by a wooden fence, followed by a wall plastered with clay and mud. Next to his tomb is a mosque where the local people come and do their worship. Best time to visit the Imam Asim tomb is during April and May on Thursday. Local people will comes from different part of Hotan as well as other part of Xinjiang. In this occasion you can enjoy the local wrestling and Legend telling with music.