King of Walnut Tree

March 1, 2018
Hotan attraction

King of walnut tree is located in Baghqi Township of Hotan County. It is about 10kms far from Hotan city. Hotan County is the biggest county of Hotan prefecture which produces walnut. The walnuts which the people selling in the market everywhere in Xinjiang is, mostly produced in Baghqi Township or in Hotan County.

The king of the walnut trees has a long trunk, it’s height is about 20ms and the crown of the tree is very large. The tree trunk is so big that it takes five people stretched out holding hands to go around it. It covers an area of about 666square meters. Walnut Tree has a history of more then 500 years old, and also it has a significant from other walnut trees, that is the reason local people called it King of walnut tree.

Every year this walnut tree bears 5 – 6, 000 thin shelled of walnuts and it’s quality is belong to high quality. Hotan’ s walnuts ripe early and are big, the shell is thin and cracks easily. Their nutritive value is very high. They are not only one of the best nuts but also rich in protein. That is the reason Hotan walnut is famous all over the China.