Longevity of Hotan People

March 1, 2018
Hotan attraction

Xinjiang is one of the four big longevity area in the world as published by the International Medical Science Institute in 1985. In Xinjiang, Hotan has a high concentrated area of longevity people, through the results of the 4th census taken in China; it became clear that there are more than 140 old people in Hotan. This situation on longevity has led the world to attach great importance to nutrition.

The Hotan climate belong to dry continental climate, sandstorms blown by the wind most of the time in autumn. Why do Hotan people have longevity? It should be researched and analyzed on the sociological, environmental, psychological and nutritious aspect. Hotan is at the edge of the Taklimakan desert, but its environment in the oasis is good. Even though there is little rain and snowfall but the massive snow melting from the Karakurum and Kunlun Mountain range is source of water for the farmland.

The water is the life of the oasis and therefore also the life of the people all over the world. The water for the Hotan people to drink is from the melted water from the snow from the mountain, people considered that the water from the mountain is much betters then the water from the tap water at home. Testing shown that in the water from the mountain is rich for elements, There is magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc and other elements which are beneficial to people body. Among the elements, the manganese is gives longevity. These old people who are living in Hotan are basically living in the countryside. The common thing they all have is they do manual hard work every day. they all walks bare feet during the summer time. Medicine proved that, all the organs of the body has a controlling system on the button of the feet, if the person walks bare feet ,it gives massage to the persons body.

All the longevity people have another common habit is that, they sleeps early in the evening and gets up early in the morning. they eats mainly nan bread with local tea and local made rose jam. Usually they eat fresh vegetables, dried and fresh fruits along with grain, flour and rice. They all have in common is that none of them smokes. They all Have a bright and cheerful disposition is also a common specialty among the longevity people. They are usually happy, gentle, keeping a good relationship with their neighbors,having close relationships among the family members and also have a happy marriage. This kind of open mind is beneficial for the health. Hotan is a famous all over the Xinjiang about traditional Uyghur doctoring. Traditional Uyghur medicine has done deep research on keeping good health. The Uygur traditional medicine has a regulating effect on the human body. This is also one of the reasons why the Hotan people are so healthy and have longevity.