Yengi Erik Reservoir

March 1, 2018
Hotan attraction

It is located 22 kms in the northwest of Hotan city. Meaning of this word in Uyghur is “new water channel”, This place is located in the very far southern corner of the Taklimakan desert (which is the second largest shifting desert in the world). The sand dunes are very majestic and they go as far as the eye reaches.

The scenery is quite magnificent. Just before the sand dunes is the Yen Gi Erik Reservoir. Local people also fishes in the reservoir, swimming, and row boating. Tourists also can swim in the reservoir and take a ride in a rowing boat. Nearby there are some neat cultivated rice fields and a forestry belt and fish raising in a artificial lakes. If you have time to see the sunrise or sunset is a special attraction.