Yotkan Ancient City

March 1, 2018
Hotan attraction

It is located in Alnama village of Baghqi township of Hotan county. It is about 13km far from Hotan city. Yotkan ancient city belongs to Han and Song Dynasties. Yotkan ancient cities covered and area is about 10squarekm.

This ancient city is stayed about 3 to 6 meters under the surface. Archeologist excavated curial relics mostly jade articles, golden Buddha figures and a large amount of old coins have been unearthed. The coin of the Wang Ming’s period brave on two sides of the coins letters imprinted in Han and Sanskrit languages. The latest dated coins belong to the Karahanilar Dynasty while Mohammad Arslanhan ruled. The Chinese Cultural Relics Department excavated a golden duck during their investigation.. Aural Stein had twice excavated the Yotkan ancient city, first time was in October 1901, second time was in April 1906. The famous Chinese Archaeologist who’s name is Huang Wen Bi, he excavated the Yotkan ancient city in 1929.It is preserved under the Cultural Relics of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.