Ili River

February 27, 2018
Ili Attractions

Ili River is one of the longest mountain river in Xinjiang. The Kashi, Kongnaiz, and Tekes Rivers are three branches of Ili river. TEKES is the main source of the River, originated Khan Teng in the north side of the peak.

Ili River westward to Yining Kashi River flows on the way, the following into the broad Valley Plains, River open, tributary of large canal system aspect. The main course of Ili river is 1,500 km, of which 400 km is in Xinjiang, rest is is flows in to Kazakhstan Republic through Korgas River and finally flows in to Balkashi Lake.

Ili River bridge was built 5 km south of Yining in1975. The concrete bridge is 300 meters long and 8.5 meters wide. There are total of 9 bridges on this river. There is a fish in the river. The water in the river freeze end of November and begins to flow again in April.