Ili Friendship Hotel

Add: No.7 Xidalin Avenue, Ili Xinjiang
Description: Ili Friendship Hotel is a two star hotel located convenient. It is 3 km to Ili airport,There are total 150 guest rooms in their two buildings.
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Taoyuan Hotel Ili

Add: No.10 Yilihe Road, Ili Xinjiang
Description: Taoyuan Hotel is a three star hotel situated near to Ili River outside of Ili city. It is a one of the well know hotels in town which provides lodging, dining and entertainment facilities to both leisure and business travelers. It offers total of 145 nicely decorated guest rooms which

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Yili Hotel

Add: No.23 Sitalin Street, Ili, Xinjiang
Description: Ili Hotel is one of the oldest three star hotel located city center of Ili. It is 10 minutes driving distance to Ili Airport. It offers total of more than 200 guest rooms in its 4 different buildings which meets the
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