Jiayuguan Pass

In the 6 km southwest of Jiayuguan City, Jiayuguan is located in the middle of the narrow valleys, Chengguan walls across the desert on both sides of the north, Montenegro cantilever Great Wall, the south pier best in the world, is the gateway to the western end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, Since ancient times, the first passes for the west.

Off the city five years before the Ming Hongwu (1372), due to difficult terrain, the majestic building and a “best in the world with big,” “even the frontier lock and key,” said. It consists of the inner city, outer city moat composed of three lines of defense and keep the potential overlap, forming a Sui Wuli, a pier miles, ten miles of a fort, a hundred miles of a city’s military defense system. Now based off the city within the city, 640 meters perimeter, area of 2.5 million square meters, 10.7 meters high city, made of loess Ben Zhu, west side of the brick wall enclosure, majestic sound. Something two inner city, the East as “Gwanghwamun”, meaning Purple sun, Bright shines; West as “Rou Yuan door”, meaning to Huairou and Zhi Yuan, stability at western. One each in the two-door enclosure Urn, Jiayuguan in the wall also has a watchtower, watch tower, turret, attic, Gate House, a total of fourteen. Guan Jiayuguan Great Wall City is the best preserved many customs of a city.