Mor Buddhist Pagoda

February 28, 2018
Kashgar Attractions

Mor Buddhist pagoda is located northeast of Kashgar city, its about 30kms far from Kashgar city.Mor Buddhist Pagoda was built in 7th century during the Tang dynasty, destroyed about 12th century. It is close to the Hanoi Ancient city, according to the research, it used to be the place where the monks live.

Nowadays only left one pagoda, next to pagoda is a platform. The pagoda is the place where the monks in the city to come and do their worship. The Mor pagoda has three square layers, each a little smaller than the one below it. The bottom layer has circumferences of more than forty-eight meters, the second layer forty meters and the third layer thirty-two meters, while the pagoda stands more than twelve meters high.

The platform beside the pagoda was one of the central temple structures, and in its side walls were carved niches housing Buddha figurines. But now there aren’t any figures left, and even the niches themselves are barely invisible.