Yusuf Has Hajib Tomb

February 28, 2018
Kashgar Attractions

Yusup Has Hajip Tomb is located on Sports Road opposite side of the Kashgar Radio Station. Yusup Has Hajip is a Uyghur poet, scholar and thinker, he was born in 1018 in Balasagun (Today its somewhere in Kyrgyzstan) of Karahanilar Dynasty, and later immigrated to Kashgar.

Yusuf Has Hajip wrote world famous book Kutatku Bilik(wisdom of Happiness) in 18 month from 1069 to 1070 in Kashgar, then he present the Kutatku Bilik (wisdom of Happiness) book to the King of Karahanilar Kingdom, who’s name is Ebu Ali Hasan Tawhaq Bugrahan. His name is Yusup, after he presents Kutatku Bilik (wisdom of Happiness) to the King of Ebu Ali Hasan Tawhaq Bugrahan of Karahanilar kindom, the king gave him the Has Hajip possess name. Kutatku Bilik(wisdom of Happiness) is a unique example of a work that explains social, cultural, and political lives of the Uyghurs during that period of time. The original writing of Kutatku Bilik(wisdom of Happiness) is couldn’t found. Yusup Has Hajip died in 1085 in Kashgar and buried in Kashgar city. His tomb was moved to its present site when it was threatened by the flood in Tomen River.