Kashgar Tours

Experience and discover the very best of Kashgar and learn about the cultural heritage of the Uighur people. Visit Old Town and eat traditional nan bread, tour ancient mosques still in use today and shop at one of the largest bazaars in central Asia.

Day Tour to Yarkand Taklamakan Desert

Our Day Tour to Yarkand and the Taklamakan Desert is a combination tour which is designed to include the local heritage and cultures as well as the natural scenery of Yarkand and the Taklamakan Desert. You will wander through the Yarkand Old Town and ride a camel in the Taklamakan Desert.

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Day Tour to Davakul Lake Taklimakan Desert

Our Day Tour to Davakul Lake Taklamakan Desert allows you to experience what it is like to travel in the desert on camelback. The tour can be extended to as many days as you want since the Taklamakan Desert is the second largest shifting desert in the world.

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Day Tour to Shipton’s Arch

Our Day Tour to Shipton’s Arch takes you to the tallest natural arch in the world. The tour involves travelling in a four-wheel drive as far as possible then walking and climbing when necessary. It requires the visitor to have a moderate level of fitness.

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Day Tour to Karakul Lake on KKH

Our Day Tour to Karakul Lake on KKH (Karakorum Highway) takes you to the world famous Karakorum Highway which starts at Kashgar, China and ends in Islamabad in Pakistan. You will only be travelling 200 km of this journey and will enjoy mountain scenery and Kirgiz culture.

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Day Tour of Kashgar City

Our Day Tour of Kashgar City gives you the opportunity to learn about Kashgar’s past and present with the help of professional and knowledgeable Uyghur guides. Our Uyghur guides from Kashgar know their hometown best.

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2 Days Tour to Tashkurgan on Pamir Plateau

Our 2 day Tour to Tashkurgan on the Pamir Plateau takes you to the Pamir Plateau. Pamir means “roof of the world” in local Tajik language. You will enjoy mountain scenery as well as culture and customs of Kirgiz and Tajik people on this two day trip.

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