Bayanbulak Grassland

February 27, 2018
Korla attractions

Bayanbulak Grassland is located 270 km northwest of Korla. It covers an area of 23,000 square km and considered as a second largest grassland in whole country.

Bayinbulak means in Mongolian language is the “abundant spring” and it is inhabited by Mongol people. During summer time, you can flocks and herds grazing around and area covered with greenery together with various wild flowers.

During summer time, the grassland filled with all kind of traditional activities such as horse racing, wrestling, sing and dancing performances. This use this opportunity to visit their relatives, and friends which they didn’t quite some time.

There is a famous Swan Lake in Bayanbulak Grassland which consist of many ponds. There you can see all different types of swans swimming around, it is the first place in China where the Swan’s are protected. There are 128 species of swan’s currently living in Swan Lake. Every year in April, thousands and thousands of different species of birds comes here to spend their summer. The Bayinbulak Grassland attracts so many rare species of birds because of well protected natural environment. May and June is the perfect season for swan watching. The Swan Lake became as a swan protection zone in 1980 and approved as a national nature reserve in 1986.