Bosten Lake

February 27, 2018
Korla attractions

Bosten Lake is located 57 km northeast of Korla city. Bosten Lake also known as Baghrash Kol in Uyghur langue. It is covered an area of 1,000 square km and considered largest inland fresh water lake in the country.

It is in a triangular shape with altitude of 1,048 above the sea level. It is famous as “bright pearl of the Oasis”. It’s average depth is 9 meters and maximum depth reaches to 17 meters.

Bosten Lake consist of big lake and small lake. The big lake is 57 km to Korla city whereas the small lake is 21 km. Main source of water for Bosten Lake is from Kaidu River which accounts 83 % of total water at the lake.

Bosten lake rich for fish and reeds, and is the largest fishing place in the region. Beside this, it’s also famous for wild animals such as yellow goat, deer’s and more.

Since Bosten Lake is surrounded by high mountains, you will encounter various climate during your stay. Climate here labeled as dry hot summer and cold winter. During summer time, various activities held here and during winter time when the water frozen, ice sports held here.