Loulan Ancient City

February 27, 2018
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Loulan ancient city is found on the west bank of Lop Nur in 2nd century BC. Loulan Ancient city was the capital city of Loulan kingdom and served as the economic, political and cultural center for Loulan Kingdom. It also used to be the important trading stop for caravans on Ancient Silk Road.

It was prosperous during its short life and vanished in 6th century BC. It is still mystery for archaeologies why the city suddenly vanished. It was discovered by Swedish adventurer Sven Hedin in 1900. It is located 300 km to Ruoqiang County.

Now you still can see remains of ancient city walls, especially the one on south of city is well preserved. Inside the city wall, wood posts of the houses are scatter on the ground since the house walls are all fallen apart.

Since it was discovered, large amount of relics has been discovered from the ancient city, which includes: pottery wares, jewelries, wood pieces, wood slip documents, bronze wares, stone tools, iron instruments, coins, and silk clothes. In 1980’s, a female body has been found and nicknamed as a “Loulan Beauty” and which dates back to some 3,800 years.

Note: It is advised to travelers to this site that bring a lot of water, warm clothes, and medicine. Be prepared for high temperetuare and dusty weather. There is no paved road to the site therefore it is advised to ride a camel or walk.