Tiemen Pass

February 27, 2018
Korla attractions

Tiemen Pass (Iron Pass in English) is the important pass which Ancient Caravan’s crossed on ancient Silk Road in order to enter to Tarim Basin. It is located deep and steep part of Tianshan Mountain. It is located 8 km north of Korla city.

Iron Gate located at the Tieguan Gorge where Caravan’s have to cross in order to enter to Tarim Basin back 2,000 years ago. If you look upward, you will see only cliff and see flawing water to Kongque River when you look downwards.

There is a famous love story about the princess and the son of minister. It is also another reason for many people to visit the place in order to commemorate their sacrifice for the love. There is not much to see at Iron Gate since it was rebuilt in 1989 according to ancient description.