Korla is the capital city of Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture. Korla meaning in Uyghur language is “overlooking”. The city is famous for its pear and known as a “Pear City”. The city also the place where the Tarim oil transported from Korla to other parts of China. The city total covered an area of 7116.9 square km with total population of 800,000 people among which 300,000 of floating population. There are total 23 ethnic group living in Korla which minorities accounts 30% of whole population.


Korla city is situated in the middle of Xinjiang, northeast edge of Tarim Basin, south of Taklamakan Desert, and north of Tianshan Mountain.

Tourist Attractions

Korla is famous for its cultural sites, it is Tiemenguan which is Iron Pass, Bosten Lake, Swan Lake, Loulan Ancient City, Altun Wildlife Natural Reserve, Bayinbulak Grassland, and Peacock River.

Korla Weather

Korla temperature belongs to continental arid climate, with 210 days of frost-free period with annual lowest temperate of – 28 ℃, annual average temperature is 11.4℃, with annual rainfall of 58.6 millimeters. Maximum annual evaporation of 2788.2 mm.

Korla Attractions

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