November 1, 2010


Hi Imam,
Concerning our comments on the trip, please find below few. If you need pictures or more info’s, please do not hesitate to contact me back!

We loved the people and the global atmosphere. All our guide were very professional and kind with us.
We may be found out a bit lack of cohesion between each things we saw… Maybe because of the short time, but I do regret to not have spent more time on the “red sand valley” nearby the tree forest on the way back to Kashgar. Gorgeous landscape! Maybe for us also a bit too much drive and not enough hiking ( maybe my mistake ? )
We loved so much our 3 days trip around karakul lake, instead to came back every time to Kashgar. The arch was great, even under the snow and the cold!!
I assume our profile is a part of this exigent French tourist range, but besides these small honest details ( in order to improve your services range ? ) we really loved our trip and we thank you a lot for all your efforts for having a sweet moment in your country.
You are a very serviceable tour supplier and we appreciated a lot your kindness.

I’m already advising your company to my friend in Shanghai :).

Thanks again
Have a good day,