Cigdem-Hulki Ipek

September 15, 2011

A trip to Xinjiang and especially to Kashgar was our dream. We thought that to plan and realise the trip with a local guide would be much better. And we were not wrong! Even though we found them (Imam and his friends) only from internet, even though we didn’t know them before or even we didn’t know anybody who recommended them to us, Imam and his friends made our dreams come true. They are not only great people, great friends but also great guides. For 10 days we had unforgettable time with these people through Turpan to Tashkurgan. You can easly rely on them. Once they pick you up from the airport, you become like one of their family. Just tell about your plans to them and they will make them come true. They are honest and honorable people.
And one more thing that I want to add which is very important for me: In almost all the places I went though out the world, the guides usually pushes you hard to purchase something from certain shops. Not Imam and his frineds. This was such a great releif for me. Thanks to them.

Bundan sonrasini Turkce devam etmek isterim. Imam Huseyin, Kasım, Abdul, Zabi, Alduleyh ve Muhammed Ali’ye Turkiye’den selam olsun. Turkiye’den veya Turkce konusan diğer ellerden Sincan’a gitmek isteyen ve kendilerine bir rehber, bir mihmandar arayan herkese Imam ve arkadaslarini can-i gonulden tavsiye ederiz. Biz onlardan cok memnun kaldik. Yerler zaten ata yurdumuz idi, bizi cok duygulandirdi, bir de bizi kardeslerimizin gezdirmis olmasi bizi ziyadesi ile mutlu ve memnun etti. Farkliliklari da olsa yani dili konusmak, ayni espri anlayisina sahip olmak ne hos.

Tekrar bulusmak umuduyla…