Robert Wilson

May 28, 2017

Right from my initial enquiry in December Abdul answered every email promptly and in perfect English which made everything just so easy. A three day program for one was organised in Kashgar with the proviso that if others joined then my price would be lower. (Another person did join and my price was reduced.)

Then a month before my May tour I changed the dates I would be in Kashgar slightly……no problem. I then wanted a two day Turpan tour…..again no problem.

Prior to my Turpan tour I caught the train from Yining to Urumqi. There was a lengthy delay and not speaking Chinese I didn’t know quite what was happening. A Chinese passenger phoned Muhammad Ali, told him what was happening, then Muhammad Ali explained the situation to me. That was really appreciated and assured me I was in good hands.

Ahmatjan guided me in Turpan and Tudajim in Kashgar. Both were knowledgeable locals passionate about and proud of their culture and heritage. Their excellent English made them great people to be with and I felt I was travelling with friends. Nothing was too much trouble for either and both went out of their way to ensure I enjoyed myself.

All in all I’m very pleased I chose to travel with Kashgar Guide and should I return to Xinjiang I’ll certainly be travelling with these guys again.

Robert Wilson from Australia! (Review original source is Xinjiang Travel TA listing)