May 7, 2013

With just over two weeks of planning a 7-day trip to see both northern and southern Xinjiang, Imam worked calmly with me as I made fundamental changes to the itinerary, including just who would be going on the trip, up to 4 days before our flight to Urumuqi. The availability and reliability of Imam during this time gave me an unusually high level of confidence and trust that the trip would be a success.

Once on our tour, we were handled by two of the best tour-guides I have ever had: Mahbuba and Scandar. Their sense of organization and responsibility, coupled with a genuine knowledge and enthusiasm for their work and the places we visited were unparalleled. If anyone considering to book a tour through Imam or his group needs a case study to confirm their capability, I would be more than happy to talk at length to provide such evidence.

Timothy From Canada!