Urs Kocher

October 31, 2016

For me this was the second time to travel to Xinjiang with Xinjiangtravel.com. While travelling for 20 days in 2015, we decided to spend 7 days in and around Kasghar during this year’s October national holiday. Xinjiangtravel helped us to put the program together and arranged car, driver (Arkin), and did the hotel bookings. The weather was fantastic throughout the whole trip, October is definitely one of the best time to travel to this region. After spending one night in Kasghar, Arkin drove us safely and comfortably up the Karakorum highway to Tashkurgan where we stayed two nights. We spent the remaining days of our trip in and around Kasghar, including a short trip to the Taklamakan desert, and visiting the Shipton’s Arch on the last day before flying back to Beijing. Abdul, Imam and Tudajim did a great job by recommending a program that included all aspects of the memorable trip with breathtaking sceneries of the Pamir mountains, insights into Xinjiang culture, a fun trip to the outskirts of the Taklamakan desert, and comfortable hotels that allowed us to relax. We will definitely use Xinjiangtravel again once we are planning our next trip to Xinjiang.
Urs from Beijing!