2 Days Urumqi and Heavenly Lake Tour

March 22, 2018
Urumqi tours
Urumqi Tours
Urumqi Tours
Urumqi Tours

Day 1: Urumqi City Tour

Attractions: Hong Shan Park, Xinjiang Museum, Wild Horse (Akhal Teke Horse) Ecological Museum, Erdaoqiao Grand Bazar

Activities: We will start our tour by picking you up from your hotel or train/bus/airport in Urumqi. First place you will visit is Xinjiang museum which has unique exhibition hall of Minority ethnic groups and 3800 years old dried Mummy. Xinjiang is multi-ethnic region with 13 major ethnic groups with distinctive culture, custom, and religion. You will also visit mummies hall and historical exhibition hall to learning about long and rich history of this region. Next you will visit Hong Shan (red hill) park which is located in the Urumqi city center. It is a local park where people practice Kong Fu, exercise or relax. The name of Red Hill park came from the red mountain, if you stand at the highest point of the mountain, you can have birds view of whole Urumqi city.

Your Urumqi tour continued followed by visit to Wild Horse Ecological Park. The horses feature in the park are “Akhal Tehe horse” in Turkmenistan language, it is a rare breed regarded as “country treasure ” of Turkmenistan. In Recent Chinese history, our Chairman have received twice such horse from Turkmenistan President as gift. If timing is right, you can watch horse show. We will concluded your Urumqi day tour by visiting Erdaoqiao Grand Bazar. It is a high tower bazaar with typical Islamic and local construction style. There are variety gift and souvenir shop like local dried fruit, Silk scarf, Jade stones, costumes, hats, Chinese Herbal medicine, and tea. It is best place to buy local gift or souvenir.

Day 2: Urumqi to Heavenly Lake then Heavenly Lake Tour

Attractions: Heavenly Lake

Activities: Our guide and driver will meet you after your breakfast at your hotel. You will be driving to Heavenly Lake which is located 110 km to Urumqi. It is located in Fukang city which is a sister city to Urumqi. You will get to Heavenly Lake after 80 km driving with our car/bus then another around 30 km with scenic spot shuttle. As you driving in the Heavenly Lake with scenic spot’s shuttle, the scenery start to appear slowly, and you start to see Elm trees, pine tree, white Kazak Yurts alongside the river on the zig zag mountain road. Heavenly Lake is located on elevation of 1910 m above sea level. It is a clear and blue water lake with snowy peak in the back with green mountain surrounded. Pine trees and white Kazak Yurts on hills with flying eagles on the sky (sometimes). If you have not seen yurt before, it would be great experience for you to have meal in hospitable Kazak Yurt. While you are there, you can do boat cruise, walk in the forest to waterfall, and trekking alongside the lake. After the tour, you will return to Urumqi. End of Service!