Urumqi is the capital city of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It is one of the most inland cities in the world, and largest and prosperous city in the Central Asia. Urumqi is an important gateway for Western China to open up west and Xinjiang’s political, economic, scientific, technological and cultural center. It has also become an important hub of logistics, finance, transport, funds and information in West China and “bridgehead” of new Eurasian Continental Bridge in West China.
Urumqi airport is an International airport, flights from Urumqi to all the major cities in China and some other countries bordered with Xinjiang. Urumqi located north of the Tianshan Mountain, and north and west of the vast Zhunggar Basin. The Urumqi city’s covered an area of 11,440sqkm. The average elevation of Urumqi is from 680 to 920 meters above the sea level. Urumqi City administrates seven districts, one county and two state-level development zones with total area of 12000sqkm,of which urban planned controlling area is 1600sq. km,completed area 173.3sqkm.


The population which is registered households of Urumqi is 2.0184 according to the report at the end of 2006.

Urumqi Weather

The temperature of Urumqi belongs to semi arid continental climate of middle temperate zone. Urumqi has shorter spring and autumn; and longer winter and summer. Temperature difference between day and night is about 10C. The average temperature of Urumqi is 8.1℃,the annual precipitation of Urumqi is 342.9mm, annual sunshine time of Urumqi is 2500-3000 hours,and frost-free time of Urumqi is about 150-190 days.

Urumqi Yearly Average Temperature by Month
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Maximum Temperature (ºC) -9.9 -8.1 0.4 13.6 21.7 26.7 28.2 26.9 21.2 11.6 0.5 -7.8
Average Temperature(ºC) -16.1 -14.7 -5.4 7.5 15.4 20.3 22.0 20.3 14.4 5.8 -4.8 -13.4
Average Minimum Temperature (ºC) -21.8 -20.7 -11.0 1.7 8.7 13.4 15.2 13.4 8.0 0.8 -9.5 -18.7
Rainfall  (mm) 11.5 9.7 8.7 10.9 18.1 14.2 22.0 13.6 15.4 16.6 19.0 15.6

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