Yingjisha Knife

March 3, 2018
uyghur arts crafts
Yingjisha knives are renowned for their exquisite styling, beautiful decoration and razor-sharp edge. Yingjisha knives get their names from Yengisar county in Xinjing, which is home to a famous knife-maker.

Yingjisha knives have an attractive appearance, with inlaid silver handles and beautiful patterns said to bring luck. They posses an extremely sharp blade and a very fine point. Among local people many argue over whose knife bis the most beautiful, and friends try to outdo one and other in possessing the finest crafted, most beautiful, or sharpest knife. Among Uygur people Yengjisha knives are often given as gifts of great importance.

Yingjisha knives are generally ten to twenty centimeters long, with the largest more than half a meter, and the smalles only two inches or so. The hilts of Yingjisha knives are shaped to represent many different things, such as a crescent, the belly of the fish, an eagle, a Red-billed crow, or the head of a Lark. The handles can be crafted from bone, ivory, wood, metal, or even semi-precious stones. Regardless of the style, the workmanship is always very fine and all knives have a pleasing appearance.