Xiahe is a small county of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu Province. It is located northwest of Gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture and southwest of Gansu Province. It is 280 km away from capital city of Gansu province. The county covers an area of 6, 273 square km between 2,900 meters to 3,100 meters above the sea level.


Main ethnic group here is Tibetan’s who makes up the 45% of whole population, Han Chinese makes up another 45% of the population, rest of 10% made up of Hui Muslims. The whole population in town is 130,000 people. The town is famous among monks for its Labrang Monastery, inbound pilgrims from Qinghai and Tibet. The locals and nomads in town lives in a laid back lifestyle. Xiahe is the transportation hub either north wards to Gansu or southwards to Sichuan.

Tourist Attractions

The town is famous for its special religious culture, unique Tibetan custom, and natural scenery. The Labrang Monastery is one of the areas for interest together with Sangke Grassland.

Xiahe Attractions

Xiahe Map