5 -Day Taklimakan Desert Camel trekking and Camping Tour

February 27, 2018
Xinjiang adventure tours
Destinations: Kashgar – Yopurgha – Davakul – Taklamakan Desert – Kashgar
This 5 days Taklimakan Desert Camel Trekking and Camping Tour takes you to Davakul part of Taklamakan Desert in Kashgar. Taklamakan Desert is the second largest shifting desert in the world.
The trip allows you to experience hardship the Caravan’s gone through back in 2000 years ago on camel back in the desert. It also re-connects you to nature by isolating you from busy city life and calms/empties your mind.


Attractions: Davakul Lake, Taklamakan Desert, Sand Dunes
Activities: Transfer from Kashgar to Yopurgha, the last village before the Taklamakan Desert. We will stop at Yopurga village to purchase food supplies for the trip and then continue to the edge of the desert.  We will then load our baggage on camels and begin the trek.  The trek normally commences at 14:00 local time.  The afternoon is spent on camel back through the desert.  Dinner is provided and accommodation for the night is in tents by campfire if we can find wood.
Accommodation: In the tent at Taklamakan Desert

Day 02, 03, 04: On Camel Back and On Foot Inside the Taklamakan Desert

Attractions: Taklamakan Desert, Sand Dunes
Activities: Desert trekking begins at 09:00 and continues throughout the day until 16:00 when we stop and set up camp for the night. Evenings are spent with the guide and camel man preparing food and then, wood permitting, sitting around the campfire. If you are lucky your evening kebab could consist of a fresh desert snake!!
Accommodation: In the tent at Taklamakan Desert

Day 05: Dawakul Lake Taklamakan Desert to Kashgar

Attractions: Taklamakan Desert, Sand Dunes
Activities: Morning spent camel trekking returning to our desert entry point approximately 12:00. Our vehicles will meet the group and return to Kashgar.
Notes: It is essential to bring sun cream for this trip and sunglasses are also strongly advised. Long sleeve t-shirts are advised as are strong walking shoes.
GPS devises are a great accessory when all around is sand, although our guide and camel men are highly qualified.